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0_Demo 2012

This page last updated on 2014-06-18.

Why Do We Use the Old Version for the Demo?

The old version (“step 0032″) was finished in 03/2010. Then we had the first LAN Party (a few friends met to find problems of the SRR Framework).

Afterwards I decided to do a major re-design. This re-design is not yet finished (Vehicles are still missing). Currently we are halting at “step 0033.09bf2″ (06/2014).

This situation is summarized in following slide: VersionsForDemo.pdf

What do I Need to Enjoy the Demo?

(1) Install the Web3D Browser and the Collaboration Server

We recommend to use BS Contact 7.212 Web3D Browser and BS Collaborate Collaboration Server.
You can find test versions of this commercial(!) software at

Alternatively, the installation binaries of the test versions of Bitmanagement’s software are cached in SrrTrains’s “Test Package” (
Download here:
and look for directory “simulrr/PlatformInstallationBinaries”

(2) Install the SRR Tools (“Dead End Branch” Step 0032)

DOWNLOAD HERE: SrrTools_0.01.13(0032bf7).zip – SRR Tools for BS Contact/.NET/Windows

(3) Use the SRR Tools to (a) Play with the Demo Layout (b) Test your own Modules and Models

I tried to summarize most important info about this pre-pre-alpha(!) version of the software in following demo video:

More Info

More Practical Info

More Theoretical Info

Go to SrrTrains Title Page (

10 Responses to “0_Demo 2012”

  1. [...] 0_Demo 2012 [...]

  2. Srrrt in VRML version, can for now to use nicknames. You can say that Your game is better like examples from Bitmanagement’s site,
    You can be sure that Your game will be at least as successful as examples from there .

    Another thing: Your latest VRML version of Your project, work fine with version 8.000 of BSContact and version 1.307 of BSCollaborate.

    ThankYou for the sharing of Your hobby with us.

  3. “SrrTrains: Project Stopped”
    Well, maybe you talk about X3D version of SrrT.
    Now, probably is time to make VRML version of your project.

    Probably you don’t knew that X3D cannot be used by IExplorer. Using X3D, you cannot play with Java Script Application Interface, means You cannot use Java Script routines in a webpage, beacouse with X3D version of your game, you cannot use webpage , you only use BSContact.exe.
    For using webpages, you need to call WRL files not X3D, you need to use an ActiveX control, BSContactVRML.ocx.

    Well mister, your project need another stage for his growup, he need his VRML version.

    • You must see another dimension of SrrT: Playng with webscripting languages.
      Using yor project, ppls can play with X3D, VRML, JavaScript, VBScript.
      VRML is more easy ‘human readable’ then X3D …
      And using VRML ppls can play with webpages.

      • christoph said


        According to my experiences, it is possible to mix VRML and X3D in a scene, when you use external, files.

        As a first step, I used BS Contact to translate the files
        – Main_bscontact.x3d
        – Hill.x3d (“First Module”)
        – City.x3d (“Second Module”)
        – Mountains.x3d (“Third Module”)
        – Dunes.x3d (“Fourth Module”)

        from X3D to their .wrl representation.

        Something went wrong with Main_bscontact.wrl, because it doesn’t work in multiuser mode (have to check this)

        See the new release on sourceforge and on the

        All the best and have fun

      • christoph said

        I think, I have found the problem with the Main_bscontact.wrl file. Please find the updated test package at the sourceforge project:

        I did not yet “officially” release this update (i.e. you cannot find the files on 4shared, but you have to visit the sourceforge project).

        All the best

  4. [...] 0_Demo 2012 [...]

  5. :-)
    Hi Christoph !
    Versions 8.0.00 of BSContact and 1.3.07 of BSCollaborate, works nice together on Your SRRT.
    This new version of client is the best from all his earlier versions.. I don’t know very much the server, but he seams to works fine too; probably he is also the best version from all his earlier versions..

    ThankYou for your great and funny project.
    I wish You Merry Christmas !

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