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Hobby Reports for Authors

The hobby reports for authors try to explain, how to use the SRR/SMUOS Framework within an SrrTrains layout / within a Simple Multiuser Scene (SMS).

I have tried to write those hobby reports in way that you need not be an X3D expert to read them.

You can download the SRR Framework at:

You can download the SMUOS Framework at:

2010-09-11 (updated 2010-10-08):
Hobby Report “Der Karussellschalter” (currently in German language): SRR-HR-Karussellschalter_8.pdf
How to build the switch for the carousel (intrinsic model).

Hobby Report “Das Demo Layout” (currently in German language): SRR-Demo-Layout_1.pdf
The “master plan” for the demo layout.

2010-09-17 (updated 2010-10-08):
Hobby Report “Der Sonnenschirm” (currently in German language): SRR-HR-Sonnenschirm_6.pdf
How to build the sun shade at the beach (intrinsic model).

2010-10-01 (updated 2011-01-06):
Hobby Report “Das Schlüsselbrett” (currently in German language): SRR-HR-Schluesselbrett_4.pdf
How to build the key hanger (static model).

Hobby Report “Gleise und Weichen” (currently in German language): SRR-HR-GleiseUndWeichen_1.pdf
How to build tracks and turnouts (using the static models of the “example track geometry”).

Hobby Report “Trying/Exploring SrrFramework to have a world of your own”: MonetSrr-1.pdf
The first report about the experiences from a user (Alain from France).

Hobby Reports about the BIMPF (for Programmers)

The BIMPF *) approach is the current experimental approach of the SRR/SMUOS Framework, which uses the original Network Sensor without change and implements all necessary functionality in the higher layer (ECMAscript embedded in X3D).

*) BIMPF means a “little child”, a “baby”, but the word Bimpf is never used in a polite way in Austrian dialect :-)

Hobby-Report “Notes about the BIMPF”: NotesAboutBimpf-I.pdf
Controller roles, especially the “central controller”.

2011-03-25 (updated 2011-05-26):
Hobby-Report “Notes about the BIMPF III”: NotesAboutBimpf-III.pdf

  1. MMF paradigm (model/module/frame) and controller roles:
    1. Central controller
    2. Module controller (MOC)
    3. Object controller (OBCO)
  2. Target configurations
    1. Decentralized controllers – currently used
    2. Centralized controllers – not yet used
  3. Kinds of SRR objects
    1. Standard SRR Objects
    2. No state SRR Objects
    3. Animated SRR Objects.

Hobby Report “Notes about the BIMPF VII” (not yet written)
The OBCO role.

2011-07-15 (updated 2011-09-08):
Hobby Report “Notes about the BIMPF IV”: NotesAboutBimpf-IV.pdf
Concepts for the modularity of the SRR Framework.

Hobby Report “Train Manager Extension” (not yet finished): NotesAboutBimpf-VIII.pdf
The last steps to achieve the re-designed “Train Manager Extension (TME)” – i.e. to achieve “step 0033″

Hobby Reports about Future Topics (for Programmers)

Basically, the idea is to lower some functions of the SRR/SMUOS Framework to the lower layer (i.e. to the Web3D browser, i.e. to make them finally a part of the X3D standard), as soon as the need arises.

2011-03-01 (updated 2013-09-13):
Hobby-Report “Notes about the BIMPF II”: NotesAboutBimpf-II.pdf
The SMUOS/C3P Idea:

  1. Making a new X3D Component from the SMUOS Framework
  2. Defining (a) protocol(s) to be used with this component (IETF)

2012-05-18 (updated 2012-05-26):
Hobby Report “New Concept Paper”: NotesAboutBimpf-V.pdf

  1. Already implemented concepts
  2. Future concepts

Hobby Report “Concept Paper – Avatars and dynamic models” (currently in German language): Concept-AvatarsAndDynMods.pdf
A few thoughts about “avatars vs. dynamic models”.

Hobby Report “Conclusio (unfinished)”: NotesAboutBimpf-VI.pdf

Have fun

23 Responses to “4_Hobby-Reports”

  1. Johne443 said

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  2. […] 4_Hobby-Reports […]

  3. […] 4_Hobby-Reports […]

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  5. suntonlain said

    2012/7/21 Christoph Valentin

    Dear Friends of SrrTrains

    Last time I sent you the “conclusions from the project”.

    Now I have received some feed back, thus I write again to update the information.

    The paper “Conclusio (unfinished)” has been updated for better readability (added some foot notes, added some abbreviations).
    It is now available at the “Hobby Reports” page:
    The glossary of the project has been updated for better readability (added two figures, added some terms and abbreviations)
    It is available at

    B.t.w.: all concepts’ descriptions are published under an LGPL
    B.t.w.: The project is still in state “Stopped”!

    Have a nice week

    Ya, ya, ya …

    • suntonlain said

      What is with ‘ya, ya, ya’ ?
      well, is from here:
      EINS ZWEI POLIZEI – MO-DO (official video)


      • suntonlain said

        Ups !!!
        We can embed youtube movies on wordpress files !
        It was jus the adress of the song with ‘ya, ya, ya’ …

      • christoph said

        Was ist Kunst? Was ist das? ;-)

        I think, SrrTrains and all other activiteies connected to it are a “total work of art”.

        If you understand a little bit of German, it may help to browse to my personal blog “Letzter sein”, especially to the post:

        But I do not expect anyone understands me :-)

        Yours sincerely Christoph

      • suntonlain said

        christoph said

        July 31, 2012 at 6:17 pm

        Was ist Kunst? Was ist das? ;-)

        I think, SrrTrains and all other activiteies connected to it are a “total work of art”.

        If you understand a little bit of German, it may help to browse to my personal blog “Letzter sein”, especially to the post:

        But I do not expect anyone understands me :-)

        Yours sincerely Christoph

        Nice and useful.
        To understand you I have google translater..
        You can be understand well by anyone who have been at a high level school .
        VRML or X3D are languages for peoples with hight level studies.

        You knew ?
        Me to I have a obsession: Vectorial and Tensorial Calculus.

        Cuantors, Functors, Operators …

        nDimensions where n is from 1 to infinity … ;-)

      • christoph said

        Well, thanks for your positive feed back.

        And……if this is your obsession, I guess, you would have much better solutions for the track geometry calculation of SrrTrains.

        SrrTrains tracks are defined by three geometric points, “start”, “end” and “in between one point”, to calculate center and radius of a circle (the circles of the track sections need not be complanar).

        I use Cramer’s rule to solve a 3×3 system of equations (kind of “brute force”). Thus I can use cross product and dot product to calculate the determinants.

        I guess, you will have better ideas (just in case you have time and interest :-) ), Look into directory tg/ for X3D prototype SrrTrackGeometryABI.x3d.

      • suntonlain said

        christoph said
        August 5, 2012 at 9:42 pm

        I guess, you will have better ideas (just in case you have time and interest :-) ), Look into directory tg/ for X3D prototype SrrTrackGeometryABI.x3d.

        Better ideas, at me ?
        No way !
        But is possible to read that file and see what is in it.

        What is your opinion about ESPERANTO ?
        My intention is to learn this language. Maybe over a few months will be posible to use her.

        If You have time go at . ;-)

  6. suntonlain said

    The new version of Blender, Blender 2.63a, is great.

  7. alain said

    Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer
    la 20ème exposition de
    MixED ( Mix3D )

    Nous avons l’honneur de présenter

    L’exposition ouvre , pour 2 mois , le 1er mars 2012.
    We are pleased to announce you
    the 20th exhibition on
    MixED ( Mix3D )

    We are honored to present

    The exhibition will be open from march 1rst , 2012 , during 2 months .

    Voir les articles / Read and see here

    contact :

    Meeting Saturday 31. March, 18:00 – 19:00 french Time

    check ….

    ( prochaine exposition / next exhibition : David Arendash )

  8. Well, You use Blender for building worlds, and objects.
    This is nice.
    But You must to tell us how we can use python scripts from BitManagement site.

    We have these:
    – BS Exporter for Blender version 249
    – Pythn version 2.5.2.

    BS Exporter 1.2.2 has 5 py files and 4 pyc files .
    Well Christoph, where we must to put these files ?
    At me, I put them on “/Blend/.blend/scripts/” but not works !


      This is error message from Python’s window:

      Traceback :
      File “”, line 1, in
      File ””, line 52, in
      import bitmangement_x3d
      ImportError: Bad magic number in “bitmanagement_x3d.pyc”

      Why did not work this BS Exporter from Blender writen in python language ?

      • christoph said

        Well, I’ll try to answer with a citation of the holy bible, so please listen to Matthew 9:37:
        – The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

        Sorry, mostly I used X3D-Edit and a plain text editor to edit my worlds.

        I used Blender for a few things only, e.g. to create the contour of the hills.

        But I used the standard X3D-Exporter from Blender to export to X3D, afterwards I included the result using a text editor and/or X3D-Edit.

        Having some nice “authoring support” (i.e. self-written Python scripts for Blender) was definitely a goal of SrrTrains, but because of Matthew 9:37, this goal has been missed :-(


      • Version 1.2.1 of BS Exporter from Blender to BS Contact, works. Not perfectly, but it works.

        Nice words “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” .But what are these words with Your project ?

        Infact You are still at time of sowing not of harvest …

      • christoph said

        regarding time of harvest or time of sowing: :-)

        Well, let’s say the seeds are the ideas that are hidden in SrrTrains.

        So the ideas are already sown.

        Now they must grow.

        And in some future, there will be somebody, let’s call him the “Lord of the harvest”, who takes some money and with his investment he will make a product from the ideas.

        Just philosophy, of course :-)

  9. Wow !
    Your latest version of SrrT, is wery entersting.
    He has a litle bug, but I’m sure that all will be OK.
    You can have VRML code on your webpage, just using
    Another useful information:

    • christoph said

      Now I think, I have fixed the bug. Please find the updated “Test Package” at the sourceforge project (

      Find the VRML files:

      • Main_bscontact.wrl
      • ExampleFrame.wrl (example frame with static modules)
      • Hill.wrl (“first” module)
      • City.wrl (“second” module)
      • Mountains.wrl (“third” module)

      I did not yet “officially” release the update, i.e. you will not find the updated files at 4shared, but you will have to visit the sourceforge project.

      All the best

  10. [...] these “hobby report” papers can be found at Hobby-Reports (I apologize, the page is written in [...]

  11. [...] und Internet gemacht, alles natürlich unter dem Deckmantel von SrrTrains. Zu finden auf der Seite Hobby-Reports (in der jederzeit gültigen [...]

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